SAS Grid

High availability, reliable, cost-effective IT infrastructure for your business…

SAS Grid is a flexible IT infrastructure that is scalable to any business size. It not only offers incredibly high-powered computing, capable of meeting peak computing demands, but it is remarkably cost-effective.

SASThe main benefits of SAS grid are outlined below:

Highly Available grid computing – by employing multiple servers in a grid environment, SAS ensures you use the best available resource for your task. If one server fails, its workload is seamlessly tasked to another, meaning maintenance can be performed on any of your services without requiring downtime.

Increase current IT speed and results – By dividing individual jobs into multiple subtasks that run in parallel on the most efficient available hardware, your business can achieve even the most complex tasks easily. Dealing with large data sets and long run times becomes far easier.

Dynamic workload balancing – Hardware can be easily reassigned in order to meet peak workloads or changing business requirements. SAS Grid Manager is a central point of control for your SAS Grid, from which you can delegate tasks to multiple users and applications, using job prioritization and queuing.

Grow your computing resources - SAS Grid offers your business a cost-effective and incremental way to grow their computing resource. Due to its high scalability, low-cost hardware can be added incrementally, so there is no need to plan-ahead or anticipate next year’s computing requirements.

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