High Availability

Your data – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year…

High Availability is one of the most important aspects of data storage, as customers, employees, and stakeholders of your business will all expect to be able to access their information at any given time. Whether you are a global corporation, or a small one-office business, your data is of great importance and a necessity to your business.

Ensuring constant uptime can be a daunting task, ensuring that data is continuously reachable, but with our years of experience here at Antilia, we can teach you how to implement and administer a high availability solution. Using multiple processes and assessments, we devise a multi-faceted plan to ensure your business achieves continuous availability, and thus continuous operations.


The three key areas of resilience that we target are:

Servers – We ensure that the servers your business uses are configured to their optimum, and will suggest the best options in order to keep your key applications and services running all day, every day.

Network¬†- Keeping your business’ network up-and running during a disaster or routine maintenance is also very important, especially to preserve shared files and communications.

Storage – We are committed to finding the best ways for your business to store its data, ensuring it is protected from failures, and is recoverable within a specified timeframe.

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