High Availability / Disaster Recovery

Assessing your HA/DR strategy

We offer High Availability and Disaster Recovery assessments, in order to evaluate where your business could benefit from alterations to your strategy or infrastructure. Whether your company has an existing HA/DR plan, or is looking to have one drawn-up, Ottawa-based Antilia can help you.

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High Availability & Disaster Recovery Assessments for Ottawa businesses…

High Availability is one of the most important aspects of data storage, as customers, employees, and stakeholders of your business will all expect to be able to access their information at any given time. Whether you are a global corporation, or a small one-office business, your data is of great importance and a necessity to your business.HADR servers

So, we know that your business’ data is incredibly important; but it is also most-likely very vulnerable, too. The servers where your data is kept could be damaged by a physical event, such as earthquake, hurricane or power outage, or there could simply be a system error. Here at Antilia, we understand how to keep your data secure and safe, ensuring swift disaster recovery plans are in place for your business.

Our consultancy, Antilia, is based in Ottawa, Canada, and we have many links and affiliations with data storage and security companies in this region, meaning we can join forces to create the best solution for your business. Furthermore, we can offer face-to-face consultancy, which ensure that our service is tailored to your businesses needs, as opposed to an off-the-shelf High Availability & Disaster Recovery plan that other companies may provide.