Disaster Recovery

Get your business up and running after a tech disaster…

What would your business do if it had a systems crash or breakdown? If you can’t answer this with a comprehensive plan of action, it’s time to devise a disaster recovery solution – and we here at Antilia can help you do just that.

serversIn a world where customer-facing applications and services are becoming more prolific, it is incredibly important that your business’ online presence can not only withstand disasters (See our High Availability products), but can bounce back quickly following a critical fault. Antilia‘s disaster recovery consulting service will help your business ensure business continuity following even the most major of crises, by achieving the following processes and objectives:

  • Identify the critical and essential applications within your business
  • Investigate the architectural integrity of your system, including backup procedures, replication of data, etc.
  • Improve network resiliency
  • Evaluate cost, risks and benefits of alternative systems for your business
  • Devising a disaster recovery plan
  • Test the plans using a live failure procedure

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