High Availability & Disaster Recovery Assessments

We offer High Availability and Disaster Recovery assessments, in order to evaluate where your business could benefit from alterations to your strategy or infrastructure. Whether your company has an existing HA/DR plan, or is looking to have one drawn-up, Ottawa-based Antilia can help you.

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High Availability and Disaster Recovery

Antilia has an excellent grounding in this area of expertise, and we understand that keeping your business up-and-running is of paramount importance to you. We can work with you to create a Disaster Recovery plan, to ensure that in times of crisis your data remains secure and available. Further to this, we can work to increase the overall high availability of your data, maximizing your business’ uptime and efficiency.


IT Architecture – Here at Antilia, we also have a great deal of knowledge in IT Architecture, and are ready to help you create the most secure and reliable systems. Furthermore, we have experts in areas such as SAS grid computing, and are therefore in an excellent position to help your business, however large or small.

Project Management – We have a qualified Project Management Professional on our team, Ravi Shanghavi, who can help you meet your project goals and deadlines in the best way possible. With years of experience, working on projects for multiple employers, the team here at Antilia are more than capable of consulting you in project management.

Data Protection – In a world where more and more sensitive data is shared and submitted online, we understand that it is of crucial importance that both your data, and that of your clients, remains secure. Our team at Antilia have experience in many methods of data protection, and are excited to work out a system that suits your needs.